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Costs And Benefits Of New Versus Refill Printer Ink Cartridges


If you own a printer you may be wondering whether it is better to buy new printer ink or refill printer ink cartridges. Each choice has its own benefits, and as we shall soon see, one is more cost effective and easier on the environment.

On the one hand, when you refill printer ink, you are going green. Each year, people throw out more than 375 million printer ink cartridges. This is a waste of both money and natural resources. Those printer ink cartridges that are thrown out could easily be used again through a retailer that recycles printer ink cartridges. You can also receive store credit, or in some cases cash, from these retailers. These retailers could then refill printer ink into the cartridges and resell them.

Of course, you can refill printer ink on your own, keeping your own cartridges, saving money and still going green at the same time. You can purchase refill kits online or in a store, and they come with detailed explanations on how you can refill your used cartridges. In many cases, people end up paying only a tenth of what they would if they had purchased new printer ink.

Based on what we already know, it may seem as if new printer ink is not as useful in today's market. Yet, you must consider certain things before making this assumption. Many things can go wrong when you try to refill printer ink.

For example, if you wait too long to refill a printer ink cartridge, you may end up with poor quality printouts or a useless cartridge altogether. It is necessary for a person to monitor ink levels before they run too low in order to salvage them for a refill. Sometimes people who refill printer ink do it too quickly. This creates bubbles, which results in poor quality printouts.

Furthermore, refilling printer ink is a fairly messy dilemma. It is necessary to have adequate protection when you refill printer ink, which includes newspapers, an apron and gloves. After all, many types of inks that printers use are hard to remove. Overfilling your printer ink cartridges is not too uncommon either, nor is the mess that accompanies it.

When you are trying to save money, it is better to refill printer ink than buy a new printer ink cartridge. In addition, when you refill printer ink cartridges you are helping the environment. On the other hand, if high quality printouts are of the utmost importance each time you print, and if you do not have the time or energy to refill cartridges, and money is not an issue then new printer ink may be right for you.

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