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Common Ways That Home Computer Users Waste Ink


Do you find that your printer ink appears to empty in such a short duration of time? To solve this problem, take a moment to think about your printing habits. Are you the type to waste ink because of the idea that every document has to come out perfectly? Have no fear and considering the following.

When printing off simple documents most users are careless or forgetful. Checking that the printer is set to print in black and white can save color ink for the pictures of your last vacation. The only items deemed worthy of this color are photos and important work documents. There is no reason to print out your emails in a variety of colors. Adding on to this point, if printing from an email inbox, there are often giant advertisements that will be included with the page. To avoid this, you can copy and paste your messages into a text file. If you are unsure how to do so then try and refrain from having it print the non-text elements in color.

Another mistake user's encounter, involves printing in a higher quality than necessary. Usually, the printer page dialog box has the option of high, normal or low quality settings. Unless you are nit-picky with your photos or a professional photographer, it may just be in your best interest to select normal. Ask yourself, do you need that grocery list in a higher DPI (dots per inch)? Higher quality settings use more ink because residual ink needs to imprint on the page through the process.

How often do you bold your entire document or use very large text? Choice in format is one more way that can waste ink, not to mention that it cuts down a few more trees in the process. Again, if you must use fancy formatting and large text for project related tasks then you don't have much of a choice. However, the average user will not get much use from Word Art text or bolding all the print. Unless you have vision impairments, a size 12 Arial or Times New Roman font should be optimal for your viewing pleasure.

Very few know or have thought of the idea that the choice in paper also affects ink consumption. Photo images need high glossy finished paper. Do not use this paper to print out a text document; a higher capacity of ink is needed to create a letter. Now the reverse is true for standard paper; if printing images, the ink will soak the page resulting in a massive loss of ink.

Printer ink, a costly commodity, can easily last for months at a time if you apply common sense. To waste ink is to throw pennies down the drain.

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