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Common Problems Encountered With Older Printer Ink Cartridges


Ink is an essential component to the operation of a printer. There is nothing worse than to find yourself in a situation where you are holding pages in your hand that have not printed properly leaving you wondering what is going on. The problem is that every ink cartridge will eventually begin to wear out. Then you have to stop and search for the expiration date to see if it has passed already. That is assuming you even realized that ink cartridges do indeed come with an expiration date, which many people do not realize. The fact is that ink cartridges use wet ink. After a period of time, older print cartridges will began to dry out. It will start outputting a combination of wet ink and dry ink resulting in an inconsistency in printing. This will lead to botched print jobs and a lot of frustration. Fortunately for you, online printer ink is an affordable option and you will have a new cartridge in days without ever having to leave your house or break the bank. But planning ahead will save you some of the stress.

Some of the problems you may encounter when using older printer cartridges are horizontal or vertical banding. There is where you have lines running through your text or images. You may also experience incorrect or missing colors in your document. Another possible result of using older printer cartridges is blurring or smeared printouts. Perhaps you begin seeing the text fading away into the background or simply not printing at all. Regardless it leaves you with a less than presentable print job.

Most ink cartridges do have an expiration date on them that will give you a good estimation of when the ink will dry out but it is no guarantee. Replacing ink cartridges can be expensive. One of the many advantages of buying online print ink is that it can save you a lot of money. By avoiding the overhead that many office supply stores have and due to the heavy online competition, companies that sell online print ink are able to do so at a discount, which benefits you the consumer. Plus if you go through a lot of ink, you can stock up for a few months to save on shipping costs while still being mindful of expiration dates.

The problems with older print cartridges can all be avoided by paying close attention to the expiration dates on the print cartridges and purchasing online print ink before you run out. Don't wait until it is too late. Save yourself the frustration.

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