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Buying Printer Ink Cartridges For Popular All In One Printers


All-in-one printers are popular because they will do printing, faxing, and scanning from one compact piece of office equipment. It's a common complaint that it costs less to buy one of the printers than to replace the cartridges the first time they run out of ink. Depending on how much an owner uses the printer, it goes through each cartridge between once and three times a year. It is true that printer ink cartridges are a continuous expense for the most popular printers, but there are some ways to find the right environmentally friendly cartridge at a cost that doesn't break the bank.

The first thing that printer owners can do is set up their units to conserve the ink. Some models have a setting for conserving ink that restricts the amount of ink used on each printing. Owners also have the option of choosing black-and-white prints and copies when possible to save colored ink. Also avoid cleaning the heads more than every few months, because it uses ink each time the owner starts it.

Every printer will eventually run out of ink, but frugal shoppers end up looking online for deep discounts on new cartridges. Auction sites and direct sellers often offer up to 75 percent off discounts on printer ink cartridges. Buying in bulk saves even more money because sellers often sell lots for even less than a set.

Online retailers can sell the cheapest ink cartridges for all-in-one printers, but refilling the empty ones is the most ecological option while still being economical. Refilling the cartridges injects the ink back into them using a color kit. All-in-one printer owners can buy a color kit to refill the cartridges at home at their own conveniences. The kit comes with directions and enough ink to refill each cartridge twice, but more bottles are available online separately from the refill kits. Be careful because the process can be a little messy. Drug stores and office supply retailers also offer the service in-store for a fee to owners who would rather pay not to deal with the hassle.

While a refill is the most environmentally friendly cartridge available for an all-in-one printer, not all manufacturers offer the option. In fact, before buying an all-in-one printer, it's best to check the options for replacing the ink cartridges. Check reviews of the model to determine how quickly the printer uses up cartridges. Browse office supply stores and online retailers for the cost range for replacements. Check out the availability for ink refill kits and services. Once a buyer knows the ink replacement options, they know the true cost of owning a specific model of all-in-one printer.

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