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Buying Printer Ink in Bulk vs. Individually


One of the biggest irritations for any business, both large and small, is running out of office supplies at that crucial moment. The easiest way to combat this problem is to buy your office supplies in bulk instead of purchasing them individually. Not only will this help ensure you have the supplies when you need them, but most online distributors offer discounts on products purchased in bulk. searches the internet for the best deals and rates online suppliers of printer ink cartridges and printer refill kits and toner cartridges such as and to help ensure our customers get the best deals when they purchase printer ink online.

The Ease of Individual Ink Cartridge Purchases?

When most people see they are running low on printer ink for their office printers, their first instinct is to run to the local office supply store and pick up a single black or color printer cartridge. However, depending on how much printer ink your company goes through, you or one of your employees could be running to the store every week or even every day. All that leads to is lost productivity, and in order for any business to be successful, good productivity is a major factor. Bulk printer ink purchases may be your key to savings.

Benefits of Buying Bulk Printer Ink

If you've ever been to a wholesale market, you've seen the giant tubs of mayonnaise and ketchup. While these products wouldn't be beneficial to a small family, they are what restaurants need to help ensure their business runs smoothly. Purchasing your printer ink cartridges should be no different for your business. By purchasing printer ink cartridges and printer refill kits online from one of the top rated companies like and you'll find in's reviews, your business can have these same benefits, including;

  • Price reduction- When you purchase you printer ink cartridges in bulk instead of individually you will see a drastic decrease in the price you pay per ink cartridge. Depending on the style of printer you use, this could be several dollars. And while the price at checkout may make you squirm a little, your business will enjoy the benefits of the long run cost reduction.
  • Steady supply- The next time your printer ink runs low you can rest assured that you have a back-up on hand. No more lunchtime runs to the office supply store or waiting for the next shipment to come to your doorstep before you can print the documents you need.
  • Less lost time- Your employees' time costs money...your money. The time it takes for them to drive to the nearest office supply store can only be chalked up as lost time.'s top rated companies offer bulk rates on printer ink cartridges and refill kits so you can save both time and money.

This is not to say that buying your printer ink in bulk is the best solution for everyone. You will need to study your printer usage and determine how much printer ink you use over a period of time. If your printer cartridges last for months at a time, you may want to have only a few extra cartridges on hand. Fortunately, most of the top rated companies offer discounts on purchases of three or more ink cartridges or printer refill kits. understands that one of the main ingredients to a successful business is cost control. That is why we have reviewed and rated what we feel to be the top six online suppliers of printer ink cartridges and refill kits. Therefore you can spend less time searching the internet for the best deals and spend more time making money. Before making your purchase, check out the Printer Ink Reviews to see what each company has to offer. We rate companies such as, and based on product quality, price, selection and customer service. And to ensure our customers consistently get the best deals on printer ink from the best companies, we check them frequently. Visit whenever you need printer ink cartridges or refill kits for your business.

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