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Black And White Or Color Ink And How To Choose


The printing industry has gone through a number of changes in the last decade or so, making printing more efficient and making the quality much better. There are different printers available for different purposes, from laser printer to inkjet printers, and it all depends on the individual use of those printers. But many people have taken notice to the fact that printers are now much more affordable than they used to be. A good printer only costs a couple hundred dollars, as opposed to several hundred years ago. But with those low printer prices, high prices for printer ink and printer cartridges are prevalent. The lifetime for printer ink is a couple of years, but it depends on how much printing you do and how often. If you have to constantly purchase printer ink for your printer, costs can be quite extreme. That's why it's important to know when to use color ink and when to use black and white ink, which sometimes determines what ink you purchase.

Typically, businesses are the only ones that tend to print in color, though some individuals and small businesses use color ink as well. However, color ink is meant for that purpose exactly, to print in color. Businesses tend to print a lot of material that contains graphics and images for clients and internal meetings. This means that their printed materials need to be crystal clear, vibrant and high quality prints. For these businesses, color ink is the only way to go for their more strategic materials. But they can switch to black and white ink, or select that printer setting, for the majority of their materials. For the most part, internal documents and materials that need to be faxed are usually not in color. Selecting to print in color only when necessary will save you a lot of ink.

This same concept can be refocused to the individual printer owner. Most people who own printers don't really need to print in color as they are printing boarding passes, literary papers and the like. Occasionally, they'll want to print graphic materials or color images. These individuals can purchase both color ink and black and white cartridges. They have to mindful of what they're printing and changing the settings accordingly. When you're printing something off the Internet, make sure to switch your settings to print in black and white rather than color and save yourself a lot of ink.

For those who know they won't be doing any color printing, black and white cartridges are good. The color cartridges are often costly and if you don't plan on using it often, it's wasted.

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