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Basic Ink Saving Editing Tips


There are a few simple things that one can do that will save them ink and money on color printer ink and cartridge refills. One step that one can take before printing is proof reading. Another thing that one can do to save ink to make sure that the printer is set to desired specifications. If one or all of these ideas are implemented, then printing ink is not depleted.

One of the major things that cause the need for cartridge refills is the lack of proof reading. When the decision is made not to proofread a document before it is printed, the margin for error increases. When a document is printed without being proofread, there are many typos and spelling errors present. Once these errors are found, they are corrected and then the document is printed again (with the edits). Although things are supposed to be improved, there still are a small number of typos, spelling errors and possibly grammatical errors present. The same idea applies to photographs, fliers and anything else that requires the use of color printer ink. Sometimes photos have to be reprinted because of poor or lack of editing. In addition to that, fliers and other forms of advertisement have to be reprinted because of a lack of editing. It is understood that deadlines have to be met and quality work has to be produced, but if one were to take a minute and proofread their work, the demand for color printer ink and cartridge refills would be reduced.

Nevertheless, one mistake that is made that leads to a higher ink demand is lack of proper document set up. In other words, a document or photograph is printed and it is in the wrong orientation. For example, a document is printed in "landscape" instead of "portrait" and more than half of the document is missing. Or, there is a photograph printed in "portrait" instead of "landscape" and the dimensions are incorrect. Again, if one takes the time to make sure that all the specifications of their work are correct, then this saves time and money on color printer ink and cartridge refills.

If the material provided above is examined, it can be seen that there are a couple simple ways to save ink through editing. If the time is taken to proofread for typos, spelling and possible grammar errors, this is one way that a business can save on cartridge refills. On the other side, if one checks the document or photograph orientation this will help avoid printing mistakes. In closing, the more time taken to closely edit, the less time and money is spent on printing.

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