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Avoiding Expensive Ink Costs When Buying Inkjet Cartridges


Those people who own and operate printers have realized that operating costs have risen in the last decade. While the cost to purchase the actual printer, no matter how advanced it is or how many functions it can complete, has gone down, the price for an ink cartridge has gone up. There are several reasons for this phenomena, one of them being that manufacturers have realized that the bulk of their sales come from printer cartridges and not printers. But while this may be true, consumers have found many different ways to get affordable inkjet cartridges, including remanufactured printer ink. These different options make keeping and running a printer much more affordable and provide alternatives to standard ink.

Most people will immediately go for a brand printer ink cartridge rather than try alternatives. They feel safe in the face that they know the brand printer ink will work with their inkjet printer. However, even consumers go to third party vendors to purchase their brand printer ink, chances are the costs will still be high. In order to get a good deal on brand printer ink, consumers would have to buy the cartridges in bulk in order to get a discount on the overall cost. That is how the vendors get their lower prices for the same cartridges.

There are alternatives to buying brand new printer ink for an inkjet printer. Remanufactured printer ink is another popular option that is both environmentally friendly and affordable. When old inkjet printer cartridges are discarded or recycled, they are sent to companies that can then remanufacture them. Those cartridges are inspected, repaired, filled with new ink and then inspected a second time before hitting the market. In a way, this makes them a higher quality than the original, brand cartridge yet with a much lower price tag. Remanufactured printer ink cartridges are guaranteed to work well and often function just as well as the OEM cartridge or better.

Yet another option for saving some money on printer ink cartridges is to go with generic ink. Although many people try to stay away from generic ink, the fact is that they are safe and just as functional as their brand counterpart. Generic printer ink cartridges are comprised of the same chemical makeup (except for one or two elements) as their brand counterparts. The cost to purchase generic ink, however, is much less than both brand printer ink and remanufactured ink. This makes them a viable choice for saving money.

For those trying to save money when shopping for new inkjet printer cartridges, there are many options. The alternatives are just as good as the original cartridges, but cost significantly less than the originals.

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