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Average Ink and Toner Use By Americans


When most people consider the purchase of a printer, their made focus is usually the cost of the printer. However, the printer is not the only expense regarding the purchase of a printer. The other expense is the ink or toner that is needed to printout the documents, pictures and other items sent to the printer.

Over a period of time, people spend significantly more money on ink and toner than the actual printer. Usually printer manufacturers do not make most of their money from the sale of printers, a sizable percentage of their profits come from the sale of printer cartridges. The initial cost of the printer is a one-time investment. However, cartridges must be purchased over the lifetime of the printer. The continuous purchase of printer cartridges adds up to a significant amount of money over the lifetime of a printer, especially when the cost of cartridges typically range from $20 to $60 depending on the type of cartridge needed.

The number of cartridges used during the lifetime of a printer varies from person to person. The number of cartridges used depends on many factors such as the number of pages printed, what is contained on the pages, the particular font used for the documents, the type of paper used, the type of cartridge used, and other related issues. Even though the amount of ink and toner used is different from person to person, millions of printer cartridges are sold in the United States every year. Moreover, the average American uses at least one ink cartridge a month for ink jet printers. During a typical year, the average person uses two toner cartridges.

A lot of people make the initial mistake of purchasing the wrong printer for their specific needs. In general there are two types of printers commonly sold today, which are ink jet printers and laser printers. For people that plan to print many pages on a regular basis, a laser printer would be the best option. Even though the initial cost for a laser printer is usually higher than an ink jet printer, laser printer cartridges print significantly more pages than ink jet printer cartridges.

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