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4 Reasons To Avoid Printer Ink From Retail Store Locations


There are many places to buy office supplies and your choice of venue will determine a lot about the products you're able to create. No matter whether you're printing large-format documents, standard letter-sized reports and brochures with high graphic content or just your own photos, you need to pay attention to which printer supplies you use and where they come from. Here are some printer ink tips, including four very good reasons why one should almost never buy printer ink from retail stores.

Buy Printer Ink Online

Online printer ink shops let you access a wider range of ink varieties and brands than any retail store can reliably stock. When you're printing bulk runs or posters and signage for national clients, online outlets are essential, because certain ink types will work better depending on the media your customers select. Online outlets also allow their customers to purchase large quantities of printer ink cartridges or refill kits at discounted rates. The only time you should consider buying printer ink from a retail store is when an emergency, immediate-deadline job pops up that will cover the additional supply costs, otherwise it's best to simply be patient and order in advance online.

Retail Store Disadvantages

The limited stock a retail store carries means that its products must be priced considerably higher. Markups make up for their lack of sales volume and the tax and property costs they must pay, so the consumer ends up paying much more for the same items.

Retail stores often neglect to cater to bulk printers, instead targeting home and small-office consumer markets. While this may seem alright if you've only got to print a few photos or documents, there's no reason not to save money. Don't decrease your future opportunities to print as many documents as you need with bad budget decisions.

When you solicit retail stores, you're guaranteed to run into problems or quality inconsistency issues the minute you switch print media. Printing at high resolution is difficult without specialty inks. While retail outlets can order these inks, the wait and additional price you must pay means it makes more sense to find your own.

Conservation: Printer Ink Tips

Making the most of your ink is easy when you match media and ink types. Some glossy papers do better with micro and nano-pigment solvent inks that are readily available online. When switching to new types of ink, remember to run a few nozzle cleanings on your printer and print a small test strip to see how the pigments contrast and spread. Buy printer ink online and conserve your supplies by ensuring you get the right variety.

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