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4 Habits That Can Break a Printer


How much abuse do you put your printer through? Little did you know all those bad habits can lead to printer problems. The quality in printer ink may decrease in the process, leading to a multitude of other problems.

If you insist on over loading your printer to the brim with paper, then do so with caution. Sooner or later this is going to cause the inevitable paper jam and it can be rather tricky to remove paper once this occurs. Be extremely delicate when performing this operation, considering it's very easy to break the various mechanisms inside the printer. Multiple sheets of paper clogging up inside the tray are the worst case scenario. The more these jams occur, the greater chance of rendering your printer useless.

Have you ever been frustrated with the idea of installing printer ink refills? One of the major problems concerning general problems in this department tends to involve the lack of know-how and common sense regarding installation methods. When installed with more force than necessary, this has the tendency to damage print heads. All it takes to add new a cartridge correctly is a gentle push until you hear a clicking sound. Make sure your ink is full before installing; not that it will break anything, but can create inconvenience.

So, you managed to install your cartridge properly, but did you remember to align the print heads? Another ill fate in the usual breakdowns is failing to perform routine maintenance. Every few months a printer should go through the following procedures. First, align the print heads. Second, clean the print heads, done automatically through the printer's software. Keep tabs on the ink levels. Finally, find driver or software updates. In this day in age, not having proper firmware creates all sorts of issues. Simple tasks like these can help breathe longer life in your printer's existence.

Once and awhile you may need to print out huge batches of documents. When doing so, the optimal method of choice would consist of printing in smaller amounts. The reason being that many of the moving parts on the inside create heat at very high temperatures. In order for the ink to imprint letters or an image, it gets burned directly onto the page through little droplets. Like any other electronic device on the market, constant usage leads to wear and tear and eventual replacement.

Care for your printer as you would for any other valuable thing in your possession. Proper techniques involving printer usage goes a long way in keeping you away from printer problems. You have a great chance to save hundreds of dollars in repair and costly printer ink replacements.

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