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3 Ways To Preserve Printer Ink Levels For New Printers


If you have new printers for your home or business or anticipate that you will need them in the near future, there are some practical steps you can take now to conserve ink with your current printers.

By taking heed of these steps, you can extend the life of your printer ink, dramatically reduce waste, and even postpone the purchase of new printers if you still have not bought them (although printers are sometimes cheaper than new ink cartridges). These benefits will make it easier for you to keep a tight budget over a longer period of time. In summary, what you need is a basic awareness of your printing habits, especially if you have taken them for granted, and how they relate to the time it takes for you to use up your printer ink.

Any time you want to print material that you found online, you may be tempted to print it directly off of its webpage. But if you find only the material you are interested in, copy it, paste it on a word

processing document, and do any printing that way instead, you may avoid printing a large amount of material that you would otherwise assume is necessary to save time. Web browsers also often

include banners, scroll-down menus, toolbars, and other information that is not actually part of what you need in your print. Your computer should let you set your own print settings, including the

amount of ink you want to use (a draft print uses the least ink), and preview your documents before printing. You can buy higher quality paper to reduce ink absorption and improve the look of your

prints. Finally, you may only be comfortable using large amounts of ink in a home printer if you have, e.g., a photo printer and glossy sheets to go with it. Otherwise, you are encouraged to visit any of

your local stores that you know offer full service for your photos or other prints. You may find it helpful to determine whether you can save the most money by doing some of your prints from home and

the rest from your local store.

To review, you can dramatically preserve your printer ink by taking certain steps. Those steps include copy and paste only necessary information from web pages directly onto a word processing document, using your computer's print settings to further reduce the use of your ink; consider buying higher quality paper than what you have; and go to a local store to print photos or other documents that need large

amounts of ink unless you have the means to do this yourself, or use a combination of both of these methods.

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