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3 Common Habits That Can Break A Printer


Knowing how printer inks behave, how they are funneled around in your printer and how to handle printer ink spills are skills that can prolong the life of your printer substantially. Just understanding how to manage printer ink spills can help you avoid mistakes that will require you to purchase a new printer. Also, some habits that you have probably picked up since you purchased your printer have the potential to wreck it. Breaking these habits as soon as possible will definitely keep your printer in good condition.

First, every time you replace an ink cartridge, you should align the print heads. We all did this immediately after we set up our printer the first time, but then just as surely we all forget about doing it after that. Your printer is not "set it and forget it". While you realign the print heads, your printer's software also cleans these heads, saving you trips to the store for more ink cartridges. This is necessary for proper maintenance.

The next thing that you do that shortens the life of your printer is overstock it. We are all guilty of this. We hate going to look for new paper, so we place the whole ream in the input. This is a big mistake. The biggest issue is that the paper may not feed correctly and cause a paper jam. Not only are paper jams time consuming when you need to get documents printed in a hurry, they damage your printer.

The final instinctive behavior that will shorten the life of your printer is how you handle printer ink spills. In your pursuit of cost effective printing, you may have purchased some sub par printer inks or ink cartridges that are prone to leaks and printer ink spills. When you see the spill, your first reaction is to move to stop the spill. In the flurry, you may move the ink around. This is bad, not only because the surrounding area will get covered in ink, but you will undoubtedly spread the ink to sensitive areas of your printer. Once that ink dries, you will have a different problem on your hand -a ruined printer. The best tool to handle a spill is a hand vacuum or hand attachments for your big vacuum cleaner. This will prevent the spread of the ink.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you extend the life of your printer. The better you treat your printer, the more life you will get out of it. Replacing a printer can be a costly adventure. Taking care of the one you currently own is a lot less exciting, but tons less time consuming and a lot less expensive.

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