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3 Common And Fixable Printer Problems


Printers are essential computer peripherals, and no home-computing setup is complete without one. While they are generally fairly easy to operate, many people experience common problems that pop up from time to time. Fortunately, these problems are generally fixable and will not damage your printer.

One of the most commonly reported printer problems is the ubiquitous paper jam. Anyone who has ever used a printer has dealt with a jam at some point, and it's usually not very enjoyable. While printer jams may be a nuisance, they are simple to correct in mere seconds. Depending upon the layout of your printer, the housing should open either downwards or upwards, allowing you to peer into the internals of the printer. The paper jam will usually be somewhere on the track, and - providing that the printer is unplugged and cool - you should be able to reach right in with your hand to remove the jam. Make sure to print a few test sheets after a jam to be sure that your printer is functioning correctly, as you may need to realign the machine.

Another common problem is trying to print when there is an idle job in the queue. Many people who are not necessarily inclined to use computers get frustrated when they can't get something to print, as it isn't always clear why the document won't print. The answer lies within the job queue, usually located in the bottom right corner of your computer screen. Occasionally, jobs can get stuck in the queue and must be deleted before any other jobs can be dealt with. If you are having trouble getting a document to print, open the queue and try clearing it out. The printing should begin immediately.

Many people also deal with the unfortunate problem of running out of ink when they least suspect it, which usually turns out to be the most inopportune time possible. The simple solution to this problem is to keep extra ink on hand at all times, as you don't want to run out during an important printing job. Buy printer ink online in bulk if you want to save money. Replace the cartridge as soon as you begin to notice the quality of your printer start to deteriorate. This usually starts with ghosting on the type, and can progressively get worse if a new cartridge isn't installed or if you have not replaced the cartridge.

Problems such as these may be annoying, but fortunately they are not destructive. Keeping extra ink on hand at all times or buy printer ink in bulk, clearing out your job queue and quickly dealing with jams will make your printing jobs go much more smoothly.

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