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3 Benefits Of A Continuous Ink System


If you've ever thought of a continuous ink system as a new way for manufacturers to get more of your money, think again. This fairly new printer ink system is so practical and convenient that once you get it installed and going, you will wonder why they didn't think of this sooner. This is especially recommended for students and those who work at home, using their computer and that have documents to print on a constant basis.

You may have tried to save on printer ink by using the low-resolution printer setting or using printer ink refill kits that take a really steady hand and can be messy for some. The truth is that most printer ink cartridges contain an average of 10 mL of ink. That equals to just a couple of teaspoons of liquid, which isn't much when it comes to printing documents on an ongoing basis.

While buying in bulk or taking advantage of sales is good, it can be time-consuming and expensive compared to investing in a continuous ink system. Bulk sizes of printer ink are mostly sold at warehouse stores that require a paid membership or are extremely crowded. Other off-price or discount office supply stores may carry them but tend to be out of the way or have limited inventory, making them unreliable. This means having to wait for more popular stores to have a sale of some kind. When the sale does come around, that deal may not be as great as the previous sale. When you have a project to get out immediately, you get what you need in order to complete it as quickly as possible instead of running around town burning time and gas to find a deal that may not be there.

Continuous ink systems will save you money, time, gas and patience as most contain about eight times the amount of ink found in many printer ink cartridges. If you compare the price of a traditional printer ink cartridge versus a continuous ink system, you will see the instant savings. When large projects need to printed out, these can be refilled while the job is in progress - which means no stopping and starting over or having to deal with faded ink.

As more people are telecommuting as a way to earn a living or print photos and other crafts to be sold, this is much easier than trying to go easy on printer ink usage. The continuous ink system is easy to install, there are no tricky syringes needed to refill them and you get quality printing all the time with minimal interruptions or headache.

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