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Apple Ink & Toner Cartridges and Supplies

Click on the name of your Apple product in the below list to purchase high quality ink and toner online at great prices. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and orders over $50 ship free in the contiguous United States.

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Apple Information

The iPod, iMac and iTunes are familiar words to Americans, as are the concepts of personal electronics and wireless Internet connectivity. In many respects, the origins of these concepts lie with a small company called Apple, founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the "two Steves." At the time of its inception, the most prolific computer company in the world was Atari, and the name Apple fell alphabetically before it, making it a strategic marketing choice. Over the next eight years, Jobs and Wozniak produced some of the most iconic computers in history, such as the Apple II, which was the first computer to include a visual display that held images in memory, making it far faster than any other machine available, and the Apple Lisa, which featured the world's first graphical user interface (GUI). Apple has produced a wide variety of computers and peripherals over the years, from cameras to mp3 players to printers and Apple-brand printer ink and toner.

Apple is additionally responsible for the conceptualization of the computer as a personal device rather than a business one, in large part due to the famous 1984 Superbowl ad that referenced George Orwell's play "1984" and showed Apple as breaking from the conformity of traditional computing standards. Due to a falling out in the company, Steve Jobs left the firm in 1985, but returned again in 1997.

It was between 1997 and the present day that Apple has re-imagined itself as the leader in personal electronics. Over the years, they have developed a number of Apple-exclusive printers, including the LaserWriter and StyleWriter, but generally rely on other companies to provide printing technology for their technological solutions. One of the benefits of Apple and Mac computers is that they are very adaptable to alternate technologies. This same flexibility carries over into the printers themselves. Although Apple toner or Apple-brand printer ink is designed to work most effectively with their proprietary printers, after-market printer cartridges are also available for many printer types, including Apple. Many of these come with a guarantee of compatibility on use, and also adhere to the same standards as the original equipment manufacturers. The only real difference in OEM and remanufactured ink is in a slightly different chemical formulation, which should not impede performance.

Apple computers, MacBooks, and the litany of hand-held devices created by the company have left their mark on current technology, and the company shows no signs of slowing down. Fortunately, they are committed to allowing their products to function with the widest range of printer and printer ink technology available, making both their printers and computers some of the most versatile and affordable on the market.

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